Sara Paxton Artworks visits the Brisbane Ranges

Anakie Gorge


Yesterday I took a trip to Anakie Gorge, a beautiful section of the Brisbane Ranges in Victoria, with a view to taking some photographs with painting potential, plus show a visiting  friend from Sydney a little glimpse of lovely Victorian landscape.   Last time I was there, several years ago, a little stream meandered along the bottom, with lush native Australian vegetation along the valley sides.  A well defined track made for a very pleasant afternoon stroll.  However, when we arrived, the track was closed off due to ‘storm and flood damage’.  Not put off, we edged around the barricade, only to find there really was no track left at all.  It was a scene of total devastation – the stream was almost gone, now filled with rocks, fallen trees lay everywhere, everything had just been washed away.  The notice stated it will not re-open until 2015.  It was sad to see it so damaged.  No photographs for painting either.


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