Painting is essentially a fairly solitary occupation. Not lonely at all, but mostly it’s just you, the canvas and the cat.  To save your sanity it’s a really good idea to link up with other artists to paint together as a group.

Not only is an artist painting group beneficial for the social interaction with like-minded people, but there is also a whole lot more to gain from the group, such as:


Benefits of being in an artist painting group

  • Constructive critiquing of each others work
  • Group problem solving
  • Group brain storming and exchange of ideas
  • Mutual support
  • Group enthusiasm and encouragement to do your best


I ‘ve painted with a small core group of eight people, every week, for the past 15 years, which I thought was a pretty good effort.  Until I read about the Wapping Group of Artists in the UK.  A group of  25 have painted together every Wednesday afternoon since 1946!  It’s the oldest plein-air (painting outdoors) group in Britain and becoming member of this esteemed group is no easy task.

Applicants have their work closely examined and those who pass this test may become a candidate for a year.  Then they submit more work and a vote is taken on the possibility of becoming a full member. Serious stuff. Our group works on a less onerous  approach – if you want to join in , just  turn up.


Artist Meetup



If you are looking for groups in Melbourne, check out artist painting group meet ups.



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