I have long had a slight obsession with cows. I know it’s strange but they are such beautiful, gentle creatures and I do love to paint them.

So a recent visit to the very scenic southern coastal areas of Victoria was much anticipated.  The reason? It’s a major cow country. Lovely big herds of cows everywhere, in all colours, wandering around the green (well, almost green), rolling fields.  All just waiting to be photographed for future paintings.

I also met with Liza McCosh, Director of Scope Galleries in Warrnambool and am very happy to say that shortly my paintings will be on display in Liza’s lovely gallery.  It’s an excellent space with several rooms, allowing the works  there to be well displayed. Hopefully she agrees to hang some cow paintings.

Another worthwhile little side trip, if you are a cheese enthusiast, is to L’Artisan Cheese at Timboon.  The cheeses are made there by a French cheesemaker and it is indeed a treat to do a cheese tasting and then buy indulgent amounts to take home.  A little bit of France in rural Victoria.

A successful trip all round!  By the way, here are a few cows for you including recent paintings and  other bits and pieces.




Cow Between the Flags








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