The last few months have just flown. I wrote in August that the next 3 months were going to be busy and it has indeed been very hectic.

The exhibition opens tomorrow at Seaview Gallery at Queenscliff and its been a huge job to pull it all together.  It didn’t help that I was away in Europe for a month right in the middle (then take out a bit more time for jet lag recovery).  I still have two paintings in the studio which are supposed to be part of the exhibit but the red bits are still drying (red/orange pigments take much longer to dry than any other colour). So maybe they won’t be going after all which is a shame as they are the only two that I have done in gold leaf. Hopefully everyone can enjoy the other 20 paintings over a glass of champagne at the opening tomorrow afternoon.

I would love to see you there or drop in to Seaview Gallery where the exhibition is on until the 22nd October.






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