I’m not a great one for surrealist paintings – until I came across the very talented Andrew Baines.  Immediately I was captivated by his wonderful paintings of  everyday things taken out of context – men in bowler hats and suits in the surf, hills hoists on the beach, chairs on a hillside and, much to my excitement, cows standing ankle deep in the sea!  Anyone who reads my blog will know my love of cows (see my cow paintings), so a surfing cows! was unbelievable, I was pleased to find Mr Baines shares my interests!

I present, the Surfing Cows?

Surrealist Artist Presents Surfing Cows 2


Baines also pursues the art of  installations, one of which was ‘Busselton Bovines‘.  In an interview Baines explained that he had long wanted to make his ‘cows in the sea’ paintings a reality.  When asked to participate in a Dairy Conference in Western Australia with his paintings, he broached the subject of putting a few cows on the beach for a photoshoot.  Amazingly, local dairies took up the challenge and cows were introduced to the joys of the surf.  The installation went global.

Surrealist Artist Presents Surfing Cows





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