Melbourne has a unique set of three hotels called The Art Series Hotels.   They are very boutique, very luxurious and inspired by and dedicated to celebrated Australian artists: Adam Cullen, John Olsen and Charles Blackman. Hence they are called ‘The Cullen’, ‘The Olsen’ and ‘The Blackman’.  The hotels embody the artist’s individual style and characteristics – they bring art to the people in a big way.


Now, the Art Series Hotels have ventured out of Melbourne for the first time, to Bendigo and I was lucky enough to stay at the newly opened Schaller Studio. Wow, was it impressive!  The huge paintings by Mark Schaller are everywhere.  All the rooms (they are called ‘work spaces’ for some reason) have original artwork and are full of art books and magazines.  The large, edgy communal spaces are likewise, fully stocked with everything art.  In due course there will be art classes, art tours and artisan markets. So make sure you look into this exciting art movement and don’t forget to share the great news (this post ;)) with anyone who would be interested!


Sara Paxton Artist at Art Series Hotels - Bendigo


I think the Art Series Hotels is a unique and very exciting concept, it makes art a very accessible experience for everyone.




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