I am working steadily on pieces for my upcoming exhibition to be held at Without Pier Gallery  in Melbourne 1-15 May.

May seems like some distance away but allowing for drying time (and all those reds and oranges take so long to dry) and varnishing, it’s really alarmingly close. It’s also to be a solo exhibition which is very exciting.  The gallery at Cheltenham (there is a second smaller gallery at Hampton) is a fantastic exibition space – very open, spacious, contemporary with huge expanses of glass directly on to Bay Road, so it’s a wonderful place to exhibit.

So – on with the work. I am rarely without a paintbrush in my hand and my right shoulder starting to get sore, but there is nothing more exhilarating than completing a painting that I am really happy with.  But what about the ones you’re not happy with? I’ll keep that for another post.  Meanwhile,  I’ll keep you posted on how it’s progressing.


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