I was recently asked to trial a new art website called “Art Galleria“. The recently released artist website is a very useful tool for art collectors big or small, other artists and gallery owners. The website is an archive of artist that have profiles of their work, personality and general information.

Art Galleria Australia - Sara Paxton Artworks

Art Galleria for Artists

I noted earlier that this website is a fantastic tool for artists as it allows them to get their artworks in front of a new audiences. Not only is it an artworks directory but an artist can also be contacted, sell their works and post upcoming events.

Art Galleria for Events

It is also possible to post upcoming events like exhibitions, charity events or even gallery openings. The website is only new so it will take a little bit of time for the user base to be large enough to have frequent events every day but you have to start somewhere, right?

Art Galleria Pro’s

  • inexpensive
  • links to artist website
  • easy to use and upload artworks
  • contact and sales leads
  • browsing for inspiration and ideas from other artists
  • high artwork standards
  • great platform for starting artist to get exposure


Art Galleria Con’s

  • very young platform so will take some to to gain traction
  • no obvious links with artist social media accounts
  • no full screen display of artworks

Overall the website is a fantastic resource for all artists and I would strongly recommend getting in early as the directory will only grow and get more expensive to get a listing as time goes on. If you are looking for more artist resources and help, check out the Sara Paxton Artworks artist resources page.



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