Date: 3 April – 2 May, 2021

Location: Mingara Gallery, 242 Thompson Ave, Cowes VIC, Australia

Mingara Gallery is excited to present Sara’s latest artworks in her upcoming Exhibition ‘Ocean & Earth’.  This exhibition will open at 2pm on Easter Saturday at the Gallery on Phillip Island.

This stunning collection will be available online and at the Gallery.  Please contact Noelle Buckley on 0457 343 771 for enquiries.

In this amazing exhibition Sara brings to you a wonderful collection of ocean and landscape paintings using her unique perspective, stunning colour and exciting creativity.

See a glimpse of this wonderful exhibition below.

‘Ocean & Earth

Infinity 180x85cm

Line of Trees 152x76cm

Tranquility in Blue 160x60cm

Coloured Earth 152x76cm

Gold Fields

To all my local followers, art is always better in real life so pop into the gallery.

I would really appreciate it if you shared this with any friends or family who love art!


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