Giving someone a piece of art as a gift is a wonderful thing to do. However this is a buyer beware situation, no one wants gifts that they are never going to use, especially art gifts that do not suit their personality. So to avoid this awkward encounter happening to you,  I have  put together a very short list of things I check off before purchasing any art gifts. So please consider the below next time you are looking to purchase a present for a family or friend!
  1. Firstly, think about the recipient – consider their taste, have a look at what’s on their walls already.  Would something with warm colours, or cool colours fit.  Or maybe a 3D piece.
  2. What about their space? Do they have a modern house with massive white walls, or small spaces, and what sort of shape would look good
  3. Framing – if you choose a piece that needs framing, this can substantially add to your cost, so if it will fit in a standard size frame, all the better.  Consider also, how you are going to get it to the recipient – posting glass frames need careful packaging
  4. Try and choose a local gallery to make your purchase – it’s good to support local artistsTips, or an organisation that supports a good cause.


I hope you found these tips useful, please let me know by leaving a comment on my Facebook or sending me a tweet!



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