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Need help framing artwork? Do you have a special painting you would like frame, or are you just putting the finishing touch on one of your own masterpieces! If yes, then here are a few tips on how to get it right.


The Frame:
Choose a frame that will suit the painting rather than the decor of the room it’s going to hang in.  Often a simple black, white or light oak frame will look good, you don’t want to overpower or detract from the work itself.


The Mount:
You will need to use a mount for a pencil, pastel or watercolour work, just to create some space between the paper and the glass. The size of mount will vary but generally it should be bigger than the frame, around 60mm-100mm depending on the size of the work.

The work always looks more balanced if you leave a little more space  at the bottom of the mount than the top.  It’s a bit of a visual illusion but if it’s right in the centre it almost looks like it is slipping off the bottom!   The mount should complement the painting in colour, so it’s often best to stay neutral, after all the painting is the focus.


The Glass:
You don’t have to use glass if you are framing an oil painting, but works on paper need glass to protect them. You can use ordinary glass in most cases, although non-glare glass is better if pieces are in front of windows.

The downside is that some clarity is lost. An increasingly popular and contemporary option to glass is perspex which is lighter and more resilient than glass and can be used with clipping mechanisms rather than a frame.


Acid Free:
Always use acid free materials when framing, otherwise your beautiful artwork will discolour over time.


If you get the presentation right, your work will look 100% better. Guaranteed!


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