One of my favourite artists is Shirley Trevena.  She is a British watercolourist of immense talent and I have long admired her use of strong colours which really push the medium to its limits.

I was therefore interested to read that she felt she had become bored and predictable with her painting.  Her students were astounded with such an admission – they couldn’t understand why she would want to move away from such a perfected and admired style.

But I could see her point.  If you keep on painting the same things in the same way, however good they may be, the challenge, and along with it the excitement, has gone.


10 Tips to excite your art


So if you feel you are in a bit of a rut, here are 10 ideas / tips – some Shirley’s and some of mine, to excite your art and get the creativity flowing.


1.  Try a different medium to the one you habitually use. for example I did an inks class which really help we in my oil painting works.

2.  Experiment with colours.  Try ones that you think are odd together and be surprised.

3. Try using bigger paper/canvas and bigger brushes – lovely big, bold, loose brush strokes!

4. Use a failed painting as a base for a new one. Incorporate bits of the original one for interesting results. Also a fantastic way to recycle canvases. 

5. If you always paint indoor, set up somewhere outside and experience a different environment. Keep an eye on the weather though.

6. Choose different and varied subject material. Maybe try something more abstract.

7. Do a creative course in something you know nothing about. It’s important to keep learning.

8. Don’t expect giant steps, little ones are OK.

9. Make choices that are out of your comfort zone.

10. Most importantly, CHALLENGE YOURSELF.


To see some of my creativity at work, vist Sara Paxton Artworks Gallery were I have applied a lot of these tips myself. I would also love to hear from you if these tips did excite your art, get in contact on Facebook.




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